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Shakespeare Podcasts

Disclaimer: None of the photos, videos or podcasts belong to me. I do not claim ownership over them.

Along with the boom in internet usage, there has also been an evolution in the forms of media available to us. More and more types of media exclusive to the internet have emerged over the past decade. One of these is the podcast.

A podcast is an audio or video file, usually part of a series, that can be downloaded or streamed from a website to a computer or mobile device. It’s like a radio broadcast, except that it is accessed differently.

Even though podcasts have emerged fairly recently, there are already hundreds of podcasts out there dedicated to The Bard, showing us, time and time again, the importance that people ascribe to the works of William Shakespeare.

For this post, I will only be sharing two podcast channels, the two that interested me the most, but there are so many more out there.

Clear Shakespeare


Clear Shakespeare is a series of podcasts by Akiva Fox, that aim to bring Shakespeare’s works closer to its audience. It intends to equip the audience with historical background, meanings and language tricks necessary to give them a clear, honest understanding of The Bard’s plays.

They currently have two sets of podcasts uploaded, one as an introduction and one that talks about Hamlet. The files cannot be uploaded here because they are in mp3 format so here are the links instead:

Introduction [1. What is Clear Shakespeare, and who is it for?  2. The life and times of William Shakespeare (15:23)  3. The afterlife of Shakespeare – how he became SHAKESPEARE (37:14)  4. The accidental barriers to reading Shakespeare, and how we can get past them (46:25)]


Hamlet: http://clearshakespeare.com/category/hamlet/

In this video, Avika discusses everything we think we know about Shakespeare’s “To Be or Not To Be” speech:


Sheldrake on Shakespeare

Sheldrake on Shakespeare is a website, run by James Sheldrake, that is also home to a series of podcasts dedicated to William Shakespeare

They have several podcasts already uploaded where they talk about The Merchant of Venice, The Taming of the Shrew and so many more. Here is a link to their catalogue:


I was surprised to have found so many websites and channels that were created to produce podcasts for Shakespeare because like I said earlier, it emerged only fairly recently. The audience that I imagine would subscribe to podcasts is not the same group of people that I would think to be fans of Shakespeare. However, the amount of content I found after googling ‘Shakespeare podcasts’ is a testament to the transmediality of Shakespeare; no matter how advanced or evolved technology or media becomes, Shakespeare is sure to follow.



Fox, Akiva. Clear Shakespeare. Web. 18 Dec 2015.

Sheldrake, James. Sheldrake on Shakespeare. Web. 18 Dec 2015.
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