by: Narisma, Dyan Kara I.

BA English Studies: Language

University of the Philippines – Diliman

Disclaimer: All videos/pictures used are not mine and belong to their respective owner.

Entry #2: Multimedia Essay


The Bard and the World of Gaming

 “BrainBites”: Shakespeare the Genius


            Aside from the claims that Shakespeare is a pothead, some parts of this world immortalizes him and deems him “food for the brain” through a board game “Shakespeare Brain Bites” by Green Board Games Company. The mechanics is quite simple. You only need to earn a “brain cell” by filling the brain card –you must answer questions from easy, medium to hard category. This game is best played from 8years and above. The kinds of questions were not revealed online but it is safe to assume that questions are of reference to Shakespearean concepts.

Online Game Hit: “Romeo wherefore art thou”



This Shakespearean referenced online game from garnered roughly 22million users. The rule is simple; a user will have to play the role of Romeo as he gathers flowers for Juliet. Yes, that’s just the premise of the game —to collects flowers for Juliet in all odds. And it is a hit in UK.

Starfox, Starfox 2 and Starfox 64



 There are two characters in this game that resounds to us in Shakespearean plays: one is Titiana of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Macbeth from Macbeth. These characters are planet names. And yes, it is a geeky game I do not even want to understand. But see how Shakespeare transcends out there to the planets and the universe?



 Speare is an interesting literacy game from Canadian Adaptation of Shakespeare Projects site launched in 2007. It markets audiences from 10 years old until 15 years old. It is an online arcade game that promotes literacy in children using the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet. Fischlin, Danniel from the site says that, “‘Speare‘s arcade-style format uses quotes from Romeo and Juliet as the content for a puzzle game that coaches players to differentiate quickly between words and in order to develop the ties among Shakespearean vocabulary, homonyms, synonyms, and other facets of basic literacy.  This language is decoded for players using audio clips of narrated Shakespearean text (transmissions), as well as word definitions and explanations embedded throughout the game. In addition to kinetic and visual cues, the game uses proprietary technology for transforming game objects into text objects and does so with an advanced audio cue system. What this means is that players who successfully perform a knowledge gathering operation will get both visual and audio cues to confirm their success, thus reinforcing the links between the sound and the sight of the game text in play.”


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