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Thou shall reblog thee: Shakespeare in Tumblr

by Shara Mariel B. Escorpizo, BA English Studies: Language

University of the Philippines – Diliman

Disclaimer: All media used in this post are not mine unless otherwise stated.


Growing up to the company of my dolls, being alone has been a habit. I play alone, I watch alone, I do things alone. And in 2009, as a high school Freshman familiarizing myself with the internet, I have been introduced to Tumblr, a micro-blogging site. Since then, I have been more alone than ever.

I first encountered Shakespeare on Tumblr. One regular day of reblogging everything I find aesthetically pleasing, I came across a collection of romantic quotes from Shakespeare’s plays in beautiful typography. Of course, being a young, unattractive teenager, I do not really know how it feels to be wooed by anyone, so romantic quotes was the closest I could get to romance.



Typography using a Shakespeare quote


John Austen’s Illustration of Hamlet


Graphic art of Macbeth from cy-lindric.tumblr.com

But of course, other than these love quotes and stuff to help you call yourself “cultured”, I have learned a lot about the world through Shakespeare in Tumblr.


People speculating about Mercutio’s sexuality



This woman thanking the Lord she’s not Juliet


The signs as Shakespeare plays


This woman and her standards


This person asking the important Shakespeare questions


Shakespeare aesthetic


This blog that knows what’s up with pop music


The escalation of the Shakespeare things I saw went from artsy and innocent to half-SFW, half-NSFW. #startedfromthebottomnowwehere

All of these are just a hint of the random things you see in Tumblr. With how Global Shakespeare is, it is impossible not to have Shakespeare in a social media platform like this one.


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