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“How is Shakespeare Important?”

At beginning of my Transmedial Shakespeare class, one of the first questions that we were asked was… “How is Shakespeare important?” And that simple question, boggled everyone’s minds to the point that it made us think really hard about how we can prove his importance. Obviously we know he is important based on the simple fact that he’s being taken as a subject in many different schools, but that doesn’t seem to suffice. I realized that moment how relevant and encompassing that man is despite how long ago he lived, and how long ago his plays were made. Shakespeare truly is something important because we all know about him no matter how minimal our knowledge about him and his works may be. That simple question led us to the task of getting anything interesting we can on him in through any means, and present it to the class in the next meeting. While my classmates, already knew that they wanted to do (some even had a theme all planned out just for their presentations) , I just simply typed the word “Shakespeare” on my Google browser, and viola! The World Wide Web provided me with all things Shakespeare related. I opened every link that caught my eye, and every photo on Google images that seemed to be out of the ordinary. I gathered them all and presented it to class the next meeting. Basically, these are the things that I showed them:

Shakespeare Necktie

These photos immediately opened  my eyes and gave me more or less the answers to the prevailing question that was asked during the first day of class. The simplicity, is the answer.

It’s very often that we hear about Shakespeare in literature and because of this and that is how we see his importance. We take him up in class, we can barely understand the English that he uses in his plays. These things eventually led us to the conclusion that he is the highest form, basically the basis of the literature that we know today. And the fact that people bow down to us when they hear that we’re taking Shakespeare up just shows how high they think of him. But that is not what makes Shakespeare important. Really, it’s in the simpler thing like neckties, the mint, the tissue holder that we see exactly how encompassing and necessary he is to us. I mean, why would he placed on these things that people use everyday if he wasn’t important? If he wasn’t know to everyone? 

Iphone cases, tissue boxes, neckties and mint. Seeing these things eventually, shows us now just how he stops just being being just valuable and how he turns into a necessity. If you think about it, valuable things get displayed in showrooms or they get viewed by the elites, and studied by those who are deemed “capable.” But necessary things are those that we get to see and use everyday. Such as the words Shakespeare has invented which are being used literally everyday by all English speaking people (whether they know it or not), his works, his themes and plays, we often hear the term “Shakespearean” because of how the theme of a movie, song or show emulates any one of Shakespeare’s plays.   And now we see tissued holders, mints, neckties and iPhone Cases.

Shakespeare truly is encompassing, standing the test of time through all forms and mediums and in the simplicity of these mediums, we see how necessary Shakespeare truly is to our lives.

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  1. October 14, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    I guess we all want a piece of Shakespeare. Not just in books, but in different forms as well! The Shakespeare neckties can be a good conversation piece, as well as the tissue holder and the breath mints.

  2. Nadean Barbers
    October 18, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    I agree! He really is important to us. It’s nice to see that he inspires even the simplest of materials like the tie. I find it odd to see a literary genius used as a design, but hey he really does stand out in history.

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