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Sexism and Racism in Shakespeare

When I started Shakespeare, was quite bothered by how the first portrayals of his plays were all played by white males. It took some time for society to adapt, and sexism was the first to adapt. The first woman to play a female character in professional stage was in 1660, decades after plays like Romeo and Juliet.


Mary Saunderson

Mary Saunderson is famous for being one of the first female English actresses. Females were allowed to act hundreds of years before people of African lineage. The fight against the ism’s has a really big impact on the Shakespearean world. The first Arab of black to play Othello only came after more than two-hundred years after William wrote the play. Technology advances, but our society does very little to keep up. In fact, the first interracial kiss in television only happened in the 1960’s.


First black Othello

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