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PETA’s Shakespeare

by Daniel Luis Macalino V AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Shakespeare is such a global brand that everyone seems to make a version or interpretation of it on their plays. Theater companies such as the Royal Shakespeare in London have made a living on Shakespeare. Shakespeare’s works have been translated and reinterpreted for the locals who are the audience of these plays. These acts result in to expanding the idea of Shakespeare and thus the word transmedial. We have learned that these interpretations expand the thought of Shakespeare rather than change it. The openness of Shakespeare to interpretation is one of the reason why it is so good and thus have continued to thrive throughout generation. The opportunity to converse on the idea, the message rather than be restricted to this or that fact is one of the reason why people still keep talking about Shakespeare.

The Philippines is no exception in which the brand Shakespeare has entered in to. Like others, we have been exposed to Shakespeare through the many ways we have seen it. We have also made our own interpretation of Shakespeare’s masterpieces as we see it. Just recently, we had the play “Sintang Dalisay” who have made it to the big stage through their performances in Europe. Our knowledge and exposure to Shakespeare can now be called at par with the rest of the world. We can say that our local theater companies know their Shakespeare well.

One of those theater companies is PETA. This theater company was founded way back 1967 by a person named Cecile-Guidot Alvarez. Their show offerings and their interpretations of Shakespeare’s work not only improves the people’s exposure to Shakespeare but as mentioned contribute to expansion of it as a whole.

This is their interpretation of King Lear. They wouldn’t go any further than just naming it Haring Lear. This show has had its run last January all the way through March.

Here is another promotional picture of the play “Haring Lear”


“William” for me is a stroke of genius. I wouldn’t be ashamed to say that one of my teachers in High School – Mr. Ron Capinding is part of the creative mind that did this. His interpretation of it gives its viewers a fresh and youthful view of Shakespeare (something which I can perfectly relate to). Rather than concentrating on a certain play itself it didn’t. This show gives us a suggestion of a new but holistic look of Shakespeare’s mind without limiting it to a certain piece he have wrote. This show had its run for around a year of 2 now and due to its success will still be probably be on for some time to come.

Here is another promo shot of William and in here we could see Shakespeare and the youthful suggestion the play is trying to create.

PETA, like other theater companies, have indeed used Shakespeare in to their shows. We have seen several interpretations of Shakespeare here in our country. This shows, these interpretations not only become a source of pride for us Filipinos but a hint to the world that we can very well participate in the evolution and discussion of Shakespeare as it grows throughout time.


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  1. tomgoodstudent
    October 12, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    Haring Lear looks pretty freaky. Why are they all bald? It would be something to see them approach King Lear from a Filipino perspective.

  2. October 15, 2012 at 12:50 am

    It is very astonishing to see Shakespeare plays interpreted by our fellow Filipinos. The interpretations sort of hint to the background of the director and gives us a sort of relation to the play. It’s common to us and we see ourselves or our society in the play and it pokes not just our knowledge on Shakespeare but also ourselves and possibly our society.

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