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I have always dreamt that someday i’ll do something relevant and worthy enough to have a statue considered to be built for me. Throughout history and time, we have seen people make statues of their heroes. The honor one must feel when a statue is made for him? Wow! But come to think of it – they don’t feel anything.  One could aspire having a statue made for him but often people alive never come to realize this dream. It is because statues honoring a person are made when he is dead. It is a tool to preserve the memory and the life of a person so that the generations that live can see who he is and what he has said and done.

Now, we have talked about how Shakespeare has continued to live on through the various media that evolves as humanity and technology goes on. We have tried to look at connections such as animation, new pieces of literature, movies and play adaptations. We have always tried to look for ways on how Shakespeare’s legacy continue to thrive amongst us. It is all good but to think of it -we shouldn’t look far. Statues or tributes are pieces of art that preserves the legacy of a person. It is made with affection towards the subject that it is referring to. Like Shakespeare, Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal lived on through our generation with the help of these statues. Now let us look at the many statues of Shakespeare around the world that kept his image intact throughout generations:

This is a Statue of Shakespeare in Central Park, New York. This is made by John Quincy Adams Ward

If having a Statue in New York alone isn’t cool enough. Try having a statue in Central Park! At the heart of the “city that never sleeps” is a statue of Shakespeare.

Moving on, here is Statue of Shakespeare in Sydney, Australia. Another condensed popular city with a Shakespeare Statue erect.

On to a newer and fresher setting – let’s go to the recently ended London Olympic Games. What you can see here is the picture of the Olympic Bell with a line from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Now we all know the importance of the Olympic Games and the number of people that it attracts. Another worth taking note of is that in the opening, a line from the Tempest again was recited and enacted as part of the opening act.

Now we have seen Shakespeare in popular countries such as US, Australia and London. But this statue of Shakespeare can be found in the city of Bratislava in Slovakia.

And this one all the way from Yereman in Armenia

We have talked about Shakespeare Statues per location. But what we have here is something unique, it’s the composition of this Statue that makes it awesome. You see this is a Statue of Shakespeare found in Ontario, Canada. This statue is made of Tin. Doesn’t he remind us of C3po and Tin Woodman in the Wizard of Oz?

Our heroes, Rizal and Bonifacio, have statues built in Luneta and Rotonda. They probably have more built around the country. Shakespeare, on the other hand, has statues erect all over the world. He is that much globally recognized. I believe that not one person that walked this earth, bar Jesus Christ, has much of tributes and statues made for him around the world.


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