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Disney and Shakespeare?

It’s exciting when people find out that Disney has loosely based some of their movies on Shakespeare’s plays. People wonder how can Disney, a company that caters to children and young adults, get ideas or some inspiration from the bard’s plays, which usually end in tragedy and are for the older men and women in society—that is where the creativity of Disney comes in. The company takes bits and pieces of the plot and incorporates them into their fairytale stories. The major difference is how Disney’s movies and Shakespeare’s plays end. Disney doesn’t want to upset their target audience, the children, so they make sure their movies end on a happy note—a fairytale wedding, a reunited family, and the like. Here are a few examples of Disney movies alongside the plays they are based on. To better see the similarities of each comparison, why not try watching these (for most of us) childhood movies and compare them yourselves!


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