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Shakespeare Confessions

Anonymity is always appealing.

If one takes a look the popular blogging platforms, one of the common trends among them are confessional blogs. It’s very reminiscent of another trend, PostSecret, which is described to be a growing community of artists in which contributors mail in post cards they made themselves with a certain secret about themselves. The selling point? Being completely anonymous. The confession blogs follow the same format. Most of the ones that can be found on Tumblr vary a little: contributors send in their secrets and the blog owner creates graphics for them.

Each confession blog caters to a specific genre and audience, or to a certain “fandom”. A fandom is a community of people who share the same interests toward a certain cultural aspect. The more popular fandoms are that of Harry Potter, Glee, Star Trek, etc. It should come to no surprise that Shakespeare has it’s own fandom and also it’s own confession blog.

These blogs are usually avenues for members of the fandom to air out their thoughts about the book/TV show/characters/events/etc. without the fear of being ridiculed. A lot of the contributions are what is called “unpopular opinion” given that it seems to go against the tide of majority of the fans. These include opinions on “canon” or official relationships, on plot and character development, and on basically anything relating to the fandom. Given the wide audience and readership of Shakespeare’s plays, there are bound to be disagreements.

Here are just some of the examples found in the Shakespeare Confessions blog:

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**If slideshow cannot be seen, it can be viewed here: http://snack.to/pumy7859

More here: http://shakespeareanconfessions.tumblr.com/

– M. Eleazar

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