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Greetings From Shakespeare!

It is a very known fact that Shakespeare has given mankind quotes that never fail to amaze people. His words would sometimes make us pause for a while and feel that momentary high. Along with that momentary feeling of euphoria come statements like, Shakespeare has complete command of words! or to translate it to modern youthful expression, Shakespeare is such a bad-ass with words.

My amazement with his quotes gave me the idea of Shakespeare greeting cards wherein famous lines from the works of Shakespeare are to be used. To my surprise I found a website that had customizable greeting cards with quotes from Shakespeare. One would think that it would be really fun to give a friend these cards to inspire them when they are down, congratulate them in their success, insult a foe, or simply to make a friend happy.However there is one major problem that needs to be addressed when it comes to these greeting cards. The context with which a person will give this card may be different from the quotes real meaning and context. It may sound inspiring or thoughtful but when one reads the play itself from which the quote comes they will notice the difference and would wonder whether the greeting is sincere or satire. Misinterpreting the quote would prove to be worse.

I am not against these cards but one has to know what he/she is giving first and maybe explain what the quote means after giving but that would defeat the purpose of the greeting card. Such greetings may not be suitable for those who have not read Shakespeare’s works due to misinterpretation. It would be fun however to exchange cards to those who know the context of the quotes. In that way both the sender and the receiver would know the context of the play and relate that to their own personal context for giving the card. They would know whether the card is insulting or inspiring and would respond back with the appropriate greeting card of choice and would end up talking with the use of Shakespeare’s lines. It would result to an intellectually stimulating activity.

Thomas Armand C. Tang | IV AB PSYCHOLOGY | 093689

Source: http://www.zazzle.com/shakespeare+cards

Here are some of the works:

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