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The Shakespearean Insulter

“The Shakespearean Insulter”

Oh, the random stuff one can find in the internet!  If you click the link above, you’ll be introduced to a webpage dedicated to generation of one-liner Shakespearean insults.  Here are a couple of lines I was able to generate. I’ve included sample instances wherein these lines can be used. Please take note that no, I do not have all this anger in my heart. I just want to cite examples!


1.)  This is what I would say to a group mate who has no common sense or isn’t thinking for himself. We all have experienced being grouped with someone who just goes with the flow, to the point that it’s obvious he or she doesn’t know what’s going on in the discussion anymore! It’s the typical answer to a “Hello, duh” moment. 😉

2.)     We’ve all met people who like backstabbing other people behind their backs. This is for the cowards who shrink back and keep quiet when they find out that we know about it and we’re finally in front of one another.

3.)     I know this line was said by Hamlet to Gertrude. But there are a lot of lines that can also apply to different circumstances. For me, I can say this to my ex-boyfriend. (Bitter? Haha!).

4.)     If I was Snow White and I suddenly met the wicked witch in the forest.
If I was Cinderella and I’d just realized that it’s already 12 midnight.
If I’d gone out all glammed up and then suddenly this cockroach starts flying around above my head.
If I woke up, faced the clock, and realized that I overslept and haven’t studied enough for my exam.
If I wake up at 3am and suddenly hear a “baby” crying right outside my window. (Eep!)

Or if I was in a catfight and I just want to insult the girl in front of me.

5.)     This is for my mortal enemy (if I ever had one). There just aren’t any more words I can say.

6.)     For that professor who refuses to give his/her students days with no homework!

7.)     For that clingy girl who keeps on flirting with your boyfriend even if you’re around.

These are but a couple of the “insults” I was able to generate. If you need more, there’s a handy button at the bottom of the page! Happy insult-generating!

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