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Shakespeare’s sonnets turned into songs

I recently was able to watch PETA’s last offering for their recent theater season. The show was entitled “Thee Na Natuto: Love songs for the Love sick”. The mini-concert showcased Shakespeare’s sonnets, translated into Filipino and adapted into songs by Filipino artists. There were some hits and misses, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I became intrigued by how even if Shakespeare wrote his sonnets many years ago, the emotions still apply to how people feel towards others today. As expected, there were a lot of other people who tried using Shakespeare’s sonnets and turned them into songs. Here are a couple of the ones I found online.




This girl was just supposed to memorize the sonnet for English class. Instead of recording her voice and listening to it over and over again, she made it into a song! She used the ukulele for the accompaniment. However, I don’t think she made it into a song with consideration of the message of the words. It was purely for memorization purposes.



Now this version was an interesting contrast to the one before this. When you first hear the introduction, you’ll instantly notice why. It wasn’t upbeat or happy –the music is more on the sentimental and mysterious side. The voice of the singer sounded very romantic. This was the closest to the interpretation of Sonnet 18 I had imagined in my head. I can imagine a gentleman in a suit, singing while playing the piano.



In this adaptation of Sonnet 130 into a song, this guy used his plucking skills on guitar at the beginning. He had a sort of intro to the rest of the sonnet. There were parts in his song that didn’t fit right for me. Watch the video, you be the judge. 😉



Of all the sonnets-turned-into-songs, this was the one that for me seemed as if the sonnet fit properly with the music. It was as if the sonnet was meant to be a song.  This version reminded me of the voice of Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge. The images shown in the video are from the movie Pride and Prejudice.



It was interesting to hear a sonnet being played as song by someone whose native language is not English.

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