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Cracked Shakespeare?

Cracked Shakespeare?

Cracked Shakespeare?

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Compilation by Ronah Adiel Rostata

I could spend all day and night in front of computer screen as long as Facebook, 9gag or cracked.com exists. These sites are no doubt catchy to most of the teens ( even adults), I may say and I think it could be labeled as addicting websites by the experts.

As I was looking through these sites the past few months, I came along an article in cracked.com that talks about Shakespeare. I suddenly thought just today that why not share this here at https://transmedialshakespeare.wordpress.com/. Some may not know that there are interesting sites such as cracked.com that makes “simple” subjects into “appealing” ones.

P.S. Also thanks to my friend Calvin Cruz for introducing me to more “addicting” websites – they also have something to say about Shakespeare: http://icanhascheezburger.com/; http://failblog.org/; http://thedailywh.at/

<One must be also cautious with the information posted in these sites. Doing some research is vital to check the credibility of the information posted>

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