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Shakespeare on Twitter

In today’s popular social media Twitter, Shakespeare is not obsolete. In fact, if his name is entered in the search bar, tweets that contain his plays and anything related to him will fill the page. Not only that, tweets continuously keep on coming: popular quotes from his tragedies and comedies, his modernized and revised plays, theatre companies that feature his plays and many more. It’s just a proof that Shakespeare is indeed everywhere; he breaks the line separating the classical and modern era that is highly digitized.

Of course there are negative tweets about him but it even strengthens the fact that he is never forgotten nor ignored. The last tweet on the next figure suggests that someone is affected by Shakespeare’s hard-to-decipher language. It cannot be denied that until today, he is someone that plants confusion to the minds of the people and leaves them something to think about—just as how he crafted his characters like Hamlet as subjects of uncertainty.

Aside from Shakespeare being omnipresent (since we can encounter him everywhere we go–may it be in the movies, libraries or on social media like Twitter) , there is also no limit as for the age group that admires him and his masterpieces. Shakespeare is accepted and well-liked even by kids as young as a 2-year-old. One of the tweets on the next figure is about a little kid reciting Sonnet 18.

Here is the video of the 2-year-old boy:

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