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Shakespearean Itune Apps

Who says Shakespeare is old-fashioned and antiquated? Shakespeare is not only classic, but trendy too! The bard is unstoppable that he has already conquered Itunes. Isn’t that good news? Apple has revolutionized the conventional instructional method into a more dynamic and interactive learning experience. Now you can download tons of Shakespearean apps for your iphones and ipads. Here’s a list of my favorite Shakespearean itune apps.

The Shakespearean Insult Generator

Itunes app store is filled with Shakespearean insult generators. Just tap the screen of your Ipad or shake it, and you’ll get unlimited supply of insults in a classy Shakespearean language. The picture below is a screenshot of the insult generator app produced by Dos Gatos Negros.


Graphic Novels and Trivia Quizzes

Romeo and Juliet

Fall in love with the famous Shakespearean romantic tragedy — Romeo and Juliet— in full multimedia presentation! After seeing the complete flash on your iphone, challenge yourself with the Romeo and Juliet trivia quiz. The app called Shakespeare in Bits presents most of the well-known tragedy and comedy plays by Shakespeare.



Shakespeare in Love

This app is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The Shakespeare In Love offers you hundreds of love quotes gathered from all Shakespearean classics. Impress your woman with your flowery and poetic lines this coming Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to cite William!

Bard on the Beach

Celebrating its 22nd Season in 2011, Bard on the Beach is one of Canada’s largest not-for-profit, professional Shakespeare Festivals. Presented in a magnificent setting on the waterfront in Vancouver’s Vanier Park, the Festival offers Shakespeare plays, related dramas, and several special events in two performance tents from June through September.

With this app by B’stro, you can easily find play synopses, cast bios, multimedia, social media connections and ticket and venue information for all the plays and events happening at Bard on the Beach. And with a few features added for fun (including a Shakespearean insult generator and augmented reality “Where’s Will?” game) you can have a great time even before the curtain comes up!

Source: http://www.itunes.apple.com

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