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Shakespeare Got Game or Shakespeare Gone Gay?

The rumor mill’s been churning once again and this time, it’s dishing out dirt on William Shakespeare’s sexuality. OMG!

“But doesn’t he have a wife?” Here’s Perez once again to try and shed some light on your queery about one of Ye Olde Hollywood’s hottest A-List Celebs.

Court is now in session and these are the sizzling hot evidences that may prove Shakespeare to really be Shakesqueer.

Sassy Playwright

Exhibit A: Fashionista Vibes

Shakespeare’s outfits will always be the same ensemble: Tight shirt, poofy pants, tights and the occasional cape. This is enough proof to call just about anyone gay.


Count me in

But let’s not forget that most men in the Elizabethan era wore the same ensemble. Shylock was portrayed with tight tights as well. So were people from the royal families. Shakespeare may have been a bit more flamboyant with his color choices but it may have been just to dress the part.

Am I a trendsetter or what?

Exhibit B: Secret Love Letters

Sources have leaked some of Shakespeare’s never before seen sonnets onto the net! Apparently, these verses weren’t meant for publication but no secret is safe when you’re under everyone’s gaydar. Two of these sonnets in particular, sonnet 20 and 75 seem to be written for a young man hidden under the initials H.W. Ohhh…blind item..juicy!! HAHA

Question is, do these sonnets reflect Shakespeare’s personal emotions or were they written for the sake of being written. After all, Willie never claimed to be the persona in any of his works.

Sonnet 20


So are you to my thoughts as food to life,
Or as sweet-season’d showers are to the ground;
And for the peace of you I hold such strife
As ‘twixt a miser and his wealth is found;
Now proud as an enjoyer and anon
Doubting the filching age will steal his treasure,
Now counting best to be with you alone,
Then better’d that the world may see my pleasure;
Sometime all full with feasting on your sight
And by and by clean starved for a look;
Possessing or pursuing no delight,
Save what is had or must from you be took.
Thus do I pine and surfeit day by day,
Or gluttoning on all, or all away.

Exhibit C: Pulling A Tom Cruise?

Remember back in the 90’s when rumors about Tom Cruise being gay spread like wildfire? Media accused Tom’s then wife, Nicole Kidman, of covering up her husbands sexuality by acting as his “beard”. Paparazzi recently attacked young Hollywood couple Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene with the same accusation. Were these women just using their super hot, super famous hubbies to advance their career?

They're Just BFF's

Just A Friendly Kiss??

Shakespeare is known to be married to her much older, Anne Hathaway (no, not that girl from Love & Other Drugs), but could he have been pulling a Tom or a Joe to quell the rumors about his sexuality? After all, he had a lot at risk. Ye Olde Hollywood was much more conservative than what it is today.

Lol? It was not I?!

Then again, the rumors on Tom and Joe ended up being false! HAHA

The Verdict?

Trendy, romantic and scandalous; Shakespeare’s personal life remains a big mystery until today. Yes he may have married Anne Hathaway but he left her and his children after 3 years to continue his career. Was he simply focused on his work or did he just realize his inner fairy needed to come out?

I’ve given you all the evidence, now I leave it up to you, my beautiful Hollywood jury, to decide…

Tiffany Dy 091346 II BS Legal Management, Ateneo de Manila University


I do not own any of these pictures. Images courtesy of google.com








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  1. March 18, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    I find this so funny and entertaining! Good article! 🙂

    But really, does it matter? I think we find it difficult to determine whether he was gay or not simply because the times are different. In those times, it was very much acceptable for men to wear tights. Today, if a guy is seen wearing tights, he is definitely gay. I think this issue is something only William Shakespeare can answer, if only he were alive!

  2. March 24, 2011 at 10:59 am

    I have a gaydar that can track the gayness out of a person miles away, but no, I don’t think Shakespeare is gay in any way. Fashion (well, I guess then) doesn’t make you queer, it makes you look presentable and well-groomed. And yes, Shakespeare did write for men, but only because they were his clients who pay him bucks to write for their loves. And who knows, maybe Shakespeare really didn’t find true love in Anne Hathaway?

    This may all be just for fun, but hey. Just because the Bard is the great (like Alexander or Julius Caesar) doesn’t mean he’s gay 🙂

    – Kristine de Ocampo

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