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Shakespeare, yo.

Shakespeare in Dance

–The Elizabethan way of dancing as opposed to and intertwined with partying and dancing today

This is a video of Elizabethan dancing in celebration of Shakespeare, this was filmed at Stratford-upon-Avon where Shakespeare was born.  I would recommend watching the whole video because it might drive you insane and there were moments wherein the video was just focusing on an old lady fanning herself.  :\ I would suggest the first 30 seconds and from 2:00 – onwards. Dances today go 5, 6, 7, 8 but as for this, it literally revolves around basic steps with just a little variations but they just repeat again.  It reminded me of the little games we played in kindergarten with my classmates during recess,

“sasara ang bulaklak, bubuka ang bulaklak. Papasok ang reyna, ang saya saya..”

This is a dance scene taken from the movie Shakespeare in Love.  Basically a common thing from the first two videos presented is that Elizabethan dances are interactive.  This is a form of socialization back in the day usually during parties. It can be seen from this clip that some get to have short conversations within the short span that they are partnered together. If such were not choreographed unlike this, you could not really predict whom you would end up dancing with.  (Though some that you usually see in movies try to set things up to get to dance with someone that they are eyeing on) It is very so obvious that this is not how people rave and club these days, I wonder who would even dare to dance like this at a party today?

I can imagine Shakespeare getting slapped trying to do his Elizabethan moves with people in this party. HAHA.

skip to the 47th second please. K

I don’t want to be a hater, BUT SERIOUSLY?

[I don’t know how many times I should press the enter button to represent the space in between for generation gap.]

I watched a lot of videos from this user in Youtube and they demonstrate Elizabethan dances, the videos seriously pained me while I was watching them.  As a dancer myself spending 5 hours everyday training, I have to pay respect and appreciate dance in any form but they are really giving me a hard time. :\ From this video, turns out anyone who walks slowly can shake their booty the Elizabethan way.  It just goes to show how conservative and simplistic their style is and their dances are patterns of combinations of these steps.

I would love to see the partners in video battle with these:


Here is a theatrical company performing a play called Max and Beth, basically it’s a hiphop version of Macbeth.  Some of you may or may not like it, it’s just like that Japanese Metal Macbeth that we watched in Literature class. Some of us just found it plain weird, but some were amazed and actually liked it.  A lot of people do these today because they say that they translate Shakespeare into a language that the generation can appreciate it today.  Like The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company today produces Shakespearean rap most people say that a lot may not understand it, but hopefully they will appreciate it.  (I didn’t bother posting a video of it, I tried watching and I really couldn’t understand what they were saying. Just know that they exist.)

Tiffany Dy 091346 II BS Legal Management, Ateneo de Manila University

Disclaimer: I own no right to these videos or these pictures. 🙂

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