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Race and love in Shakespeare

Love is a powerful force that can be seen exhibited in most of Shakespeare’s works. However, the theme of love and race is an interesting thing to note in the famous tragedy of Othello. A love story with a heartbreaking ending Othello is more than a play about love, jelousy and lies, it is also a play that says a lot about the cultural climate of that time. One of the most undeniable things that can be said about Shakespeare is how the themes in his stories are so universal, and this extends to his portrayal,no matter how subtle, of racism in Othello.

Below is a slideshow containing powerful images that remind us of the impact that  racism holds even to this day. It is a very real issue that surrounds us, and in the case of most even shapes them. Othello is commonly portrayed as an african, but really he is established as  Moor in the play. This detail is important as we see how the staging of Othello has been modified instead to be made relevant to the issue of racism as we see it today. Now, we see it as something determined by the color of one’s skin, whereas then it was merely an indicator of the religion of the Moor which denotes that they are Muslims most probably from the Middle East. The important thing however is to be able to see that such a difference even exists in the first place, and so below are the relevant images that remind us not only to assert that there should be no existence of a gap, but if there is then even more of a reason to remedy it.



Race and love..

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