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“Macbeth” Reimagined: Films Inspired by “the Scottish play”


2007-25126 / BA English Studies: Literature/University of the Philippines- Diliman/Eng 198 Photo Album

“Macbeth” is undoubtedly one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. As such, its transition from stage to screen has been inevitable. Over the past two centuries, the story of the fallen Scottish king and queen has been adapted numerous times for both the big screen and the small.

But that is not the extent of the play’s popularity. The play has been so well-known and well-loved that from the 1950s to the present day, there have been not just one, but five movies that can trace their conceptual roots and structure back to “the Scottish play”. Though some of these films are from primarily Anglophone countries, the rest are from Asian countries, namely India and Japan–a fact which underscores Shakespeare’s global reach and influence.

Below is a photo album containing posters and screencaps (when available) of the aforementioned five films, as well as information regarding the defining elements of the film as well as critical reaction to each film.

“Macbeth” Reimagined: Films inspired by “the Scottish play”

[DISCLAIMER: I do not own ANY of the images featured in the presentation. All images are courtesy of their respective owners.]


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Links to image sources:

Joe Macbeth – Poster

Maqbool – Maqbool and Nimmi

Maqbool – Police

Maqbool – Poster

Men of Respect – Mike and friend

Men of Respect – Poster

Scotland, PA – Kissing scene

Scotland, PA – Maura Tierney

Scotland, PA – Poster

Throne of Blood – Poster

Throne of Blood – Washizu and Asaji

Throne of Blood – Washizu on horse

  1. halcyonme
    March 17, 2011 at 1:15 am

    It has been a long-known fact that Shakespeare is EVERYWHERE. But it still surprises me, of how great a number of adaptations of Macbeth have been staged/filmed. This makes me think if there is a “trend” that people are now inclined to watching tragedies. Or is it merely because it IS SHAKESPEARE. If the latter would be the case, then I guess it applies to all other plays by the bard which have been adapted so many times in so many forms– whether it be comedy, romance, tragedy. As long as it is Shakespeare, it will surely sell.

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