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To Everyone Joining Up

Quick edit: email’s franz918_bangalan@yahoo.com

I suggest you check out http://prezi.com

Okay, to post here, you have be an author. To do that, you have to have an account here. Easy enough. Just follow these steps:

For those without a wordpress account:

1) Go to http://wordpress.com and look for the “sign up now!” or register button.
2) You should see something like this:

(Forgive the sloppy editing, I’m just learning photoshop now. For this class.)

3) Fill up the required information. If you don’t feel like getting your own wordpress acount, press “sign up for just a username”, then fill up all the required material.
4) Send the username and the e-mail you entered to the administrator’s e-mail. Either my e-mail or Ma’am Ick’s, I suppose.

For those with wordpress accounts:
1) Just give me the names of your wordpress accounts and your usernames so I can add you as authors.

That’s all. Here’s to a fun class!

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  1. Yu Murayama
    January 19, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    What’s your email add? so that i can post my work here too. thanks! 🙂

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